Equanimity is essentially keeping ones cool and calm in the midst of chaos. In the world of investments, this is a much-needed quality to succeed. Investors experience raging bull markets and desolate bear markets and the ones able to even out their profits and performance across cycles are those that approach the world of investments with Equanimity. In the early stage world, this is even more of a prized quality, what with every entrepreneur you meet being convinced that their idea is the best thing since sliced bread. There is too much uncertainty due to the very nature of new-born businesses. The lure to invest with a seemingly great team and an idea that apparently sounds fantastic is extraordinary. An equanimous approach can be the difference between whether a VC fund is successful or not.


The Equanimity Ventures symbol is a butterfly. This is no ordinary butterfly. It is the one that symbolizes the Chaos Theory in Physics. A flap of its wings in Brazil has the power to create a storm in China. This effect may take a very long time but the connection can indeed be made. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right time, place and conditions, the storm in China could have been avoided. The scientific way of expressing this is by saying that a small change in the initial conditions can cause drastic changes in its results. A simple manifestation of this phenomena is our lives themselves: what we teach our kids and the impact it has in the long run is a real connection but takes a long time to manifest.

Chaos Theory works well in the startup world too. A small change in the initial conditions of a new-born business can have a huge effect on how the business shapes up in future or even whether it survives or not. These small changes in input can be anything: the right investor, strategy, team, business model, pricing, product features, service quality, competitive landscape, funding, etc. Each decision in the life of a startup is that important. Mis-steps are very expensive and determine success and survival itself.

At Equanimity, we are cognizant of the effect we can have on businesses and bring our very best to the table when it comes to “value-add”. With our tremendous experience throughout the lifecycle of a business, early stage to mature listed companies, across geographies, Asia to Africa to Europe to Americas, we bring a lot to the table and assist our portfolio companies to become the best in their chosen sector and markets.

Investment Team


A Wharton alumni, Rajesh has earlier obtained a management degree from XLRI specialising in Finance and Marketing. He is a CFA charter holder and has earned a post graduate diploma in securities law. Today, Rajesh is the Managing Partner of Equanimity Investments, after having made 22 angel investments since 2007 and having had a ringside view of the overall startup ecosystem over the past decade. Rajesh is an active member of Mumbai Angels and is also the Founding and current Chair of the Corporate Reporting Users’ Forum, a global forum. He is an active TiE Charter Member and is the Co-Chair of the FinTech Special Interest Group at TiE Mumbai.


Shilpa is a rank-holder Chartered Accountant and a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. She is a finance professional who loves the world of numbers. Her illustrious 20 year career started with ICICI Bank post which she focussed on 2 areas of her interest: investments and direct taxation. She is passionate about investing her time and energy in early stage businesses and brings to bear her amazing energy and infectious enthusiasm to everyone around her.


An MBA by qualification, Vivek worked at GroupM, Wipro and Microsoft before being bit by the entrepreneurial bug. He started ZipCash, one of India's first digital payments companies and successfully exited after an acquisition by Ola. An entrepreneur by heart, Vivek is a passionate investor who believes in being hands-on and works with portfolio companies with strategic and operational expertise.


Pooja is a Chartered Accountant and a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. She has worked with Housing.com and PwC. Pooja is a startup enthusiast and keeps herself updated on the changing landscapes and trends in the industry. She likes to be hands-on with the portfolio companies and works closely with the founders to assist with the financial as well as operational aspects of businesses. She is on the lookout for companies who have the potential to make a positive impact on a global scale.


Parin is a Chartered Accountant and a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. He has successfully cleared CFA exams and brings on board experience in fx , rates & public equity markets. He is an avid reader with special interest in the fields of investing, human behaviour, history and politics. He believes in the concept of Kaizen and hopes to live by the following quote of Nassim Taleb, “Much of aging comes from a misunderstanding of the effect of comfort”. Parin envisages a future driven by technology and is on the lookout for disruptors before they become the norm.


A Masters in Finance graduate from Johns Hopkins University, Karan has joined us after a research stint where he developed a Leveraged Buyout Index to bridge the gap between Private and Public Markets. A startup enthusiast, Karan is excited to be a part of the ever growing start up ecosystem and work with the business leaders of tomorrow.

Venture Partners

Jayakumar graduated from IIT Bombay in 2006, with a silver medal in the dual-degree (B.Tech & M.Tech) program in Aerospace Engineering. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Prior to this, he was part of a Machine Learning startup that built recommender systems for some large FMCG companies. He has also worked in Investment Banking at various banks for 9 years.
An MBA in Finance, Amit is the CEO of Business Doctors, where he strategically transforms businesses into successful models focused on value creation for their stakeholders. Over the last two decades, he has held leadership roles at Unilazer Ventures, Disney-UTV Group, Zee-Essel Group and Salora Group. With experience in strategy, M&A, fund raising, and venture capital, Amit is passionate about working with budding entrepreneurs to help them identify key trends, strategize and execute plans to realize their goals.
After completing his education at XLRI Jamshedpur and BITS Pilani, Pankaj began his career with McKinsey & Company, where he advised businesses across India, South Africa and the US on issues related to strategy and operational improvement. Thereafter, he spent several years in leadership roles in telecom and technology industry in the US. He returned to India and founded his own boutique strategy consulting and investment advisory practice, serving businesses and investment funds in technology, retail, consumer and social sectors. Pankaj now spends his time as an investor and advisor/mentor to early to mid-stage companies across for-profit and social sectors. He is a strong believer that with the right hands-on involvement, funds can go beyond just being a funding partner and can help portfolio companies proactively solve growth challenges.
An MBA by qualification, she is an entrepreneurial and passionate leader with 25 years of experience in Financial Services with Goldman Sachs, ABN Amro and HSBC, covering institutional investors across Asia. Preetie is committed to leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience to innovate solutions and develop strategic relationships for organizations.

Anchor Investor

Dr Mark Mobius, Ph.D.
Investor and Investment Committee Member, Equanimity Investments

His name is synonymous with emerging market investments. Dr Mark Mobius has spent more than 40 years working in global emerging markets and has received numerous industry awards such as Bloomberg Markets Magazine’s “50 Most Influential People” in 2011, AsiaMoney Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Powerful and Influential People”

Global Advisory Board

Co-Founder of HCL, one of the largest Indian IT firms, Mr. Arjun Malhotra is a pioneer of the Indian IT Industry. Presently an advisor to many startups, Mr. Malhotra brings with him an array of experiences accumulated through his time as the Chairman of Headstrong’s Board of Directors and as the CEO and Chairman of TechSpan. Currently, he is associated in various capacities with ISB, Hyderabad, RGIIM, Shillong, IIT (Kharagpur) Foundation, IETE, Institute of Engineers, India, IPSS, The Doon School, and TiE.
Lior Nabat brings a world of knowledge and experience to the Equanimity Board. Starting his career as the Director of Product Management at TD Soft, he was later VP of Products at AlphaCell (Emblaze Mobile), head of product management at DSP Group Semiconductors and later co-founded FridgeNet. Lior Nabat is also on the boards of the Contextors and Entrepreneur Organisation. Presently, he is the founder and CEO of Tradency, a FinTech firm.
After completing his BTech from BITS-Pilani and MBA from XLRI, Brajesh Bajpai joined PepsiCo-India for a multifaceted decade long career. He went on to become the regional head at Marico International for MENA and worked out of Cairo & UAE. Since 2009, Brajesh has been with Vodafone and after spending 5 years at the London head-office in the role of Global Head of Marketing has moved to Commercial Director for Vodacom’s Pan-African business starting 2020. He holds a coaching degree from University of Cambridge & Masters from Ashridge HULT and is currently pursuing his doctoral from Oxford Brookes University researching how digital transformation is impacting executive coaching.
Girish completed his B Tech from the University of Madras & Masters in Industrial Engineering from JNTU and went on to built an illustrious career, first at Northpoint Communications & later at Patni Computers. He went on to launch Popcorn Apps in 2012 of which he is now the COO. Girish also completed the Advanced Management Program from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Why Choose Us?


Equanimity is managed by professionals experienced in investing across the life cycle of firms – early stage, growth phase, private equity in listed as well as unlisted companies and public equities across emerging markets – Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. We have done it all and we have the runs on the board to prove it.
The Equanimity team has an excellent track record of partnering with startups and early stage firms across sectors, building rapidly scaling up, sustainable global businesses. We work closely with companies through all stages of their lifecycle leading them eventually to successful exits for our investors as well as the founding teams.
We bring to bear our extensive global network of partners and advisors to aid our investee firms manage their ecosystem and growth paths better. We seek to grow our portfolio companies into global players with strong internal structures and sustainable business models, managing knowledge and complexity. The world is our playground.
The Equanimity team brings honesty and integrity to all our relationships creating sustainable and strong partnerships. Our team, portfolio companies, investors and the early stage ecosystem are the stakeholders we think about in every decision we make. We strive to reinvent our thinking, to stay in sync with the ever changing external realities.