What’s Happening At Equanimity?

November 2018

Equanimity crossed a major threshold with its assets under management crossing the INR100 crore mark. Given the plethora of opportunities that we see in the ecosystem, we have decided to bring in another INR100 crore of assets by exercising our greenshoe option.

The investment team at Equanimity continues to deploy capital and in 2Q18 made an investment in a parenting platform, BabyChakra. The founder, Naiyya Saggi and her team are some of the best people in…

Equanimity Insights - What Do We Look For In A Team?

November 2018

In our previous Equanimity Insights, we shared our viewpoints to one of the most frequently asked question: What do we look for in an early stage business? Amongst others, the most important factor came about to be the Team. This time around, we delve a bit deeper into the team aspect and share with you our way of evaluating founding teams.

According to some estimates, of the approximate 3000 odd startups founded in India…

The Return Of Emerging Markets

• 18th Feb, 19  

By Mark Mobius (Investor and Investment Committee Member, Equanimity Investments)

Emerging markets have suffered a downturn in 2018. The threat and then reality of a trade war, accompanied by the strengthening dollar, have contributed to a bear market. Currencies have weakened in the vast majority of developing nations, while Turkey and Argentina have suffered a financial crisis. The MSCI Index has fallen around 16% so far this year.

While this all sounds like bad news, there are…


Disruptors And Unicorns In Your Portfolio

• 18th Feb, 19  

By Rajesh Sehgal (Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments)

Whether we like it or not, the world we live in is a divided one. The most significant divide is the Social Divide between the haves and have-nots. The 2018 Global Wealth Report by Credit Suisse states that the wealthiest 10% of Indians own 77.4% of the country’s wealth of which the richest 1% own 51.5%. The Gini coefficient used to describe this wealth inequality puts India among other…


Angels and Moneybags (Different Investors and Their Motivations)

• 13th Mar, 18  

By Rajesh Sehgal (Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments)

We know that all investors are not the same and this is very true in the startup ecosystem. I have had the experience of dealing with a lot of co-investors - institutions, as well as individuals, and family offices. Let me focus on individual investors this time. If I have to categorise individual investors into buckets, I would primarily put them into two: Angels & MoneyBags. Angel investors are…


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