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It's difficult to make desired returns in the listed equity, says Equanimity Investments' Rajesh Sehgal

"The unlisted space compared to the listed space is lucrative where internal rate of return (IRR) expected is going to be significantly higher than the listed markets by a factor of 2 or 3." - Rajesh Sehgal


Moneyed individuals are jumping onto the startup bandwagon

for others like Rajesh Sehgal, angel investing “was a forced thing” that has now turned into a passion. As former senior executive director at Franklin Templeton, Sehgal managed his clients’ investments in listed and unlisted companies across emerging markets.


Equanimity: Backed by experience and a string of successful exits

when Rajesh Sehgal decided to dabble in angel investing about 10 years ago, it was just another way to broaden his personal investment portfolio. This February, after 24 investments and seven profitable exits, Sehgal bid adieu to a 17-year stint at Franklin Templeton Investments’...


Equanimity Investments hits first close for debut venture capital fund

Separately, a company statement said emerging markets investment guru Mark Mobius has joined the VC firm’s investment committee. Mobius is one of the limited partners of the VC firm.


Exclusive: Former Franklin Templeton exec launches tech-focussed fund

former senior executive director at Franklin Templeton Investments Rajesh Sehgal has upped his bet on tech ventures, going beyond angel investing to launch his own fund that has secured commitments from several...


Investments Summit India 2017: Private Equity Investing- Looking Beyond The Conventional

Alternative Investments Summit India 2017: Private Equity Investing – Looking Beyond The Conventional, organised by the Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI). Headed by Rajesh Sehgal (Moderator), Dhiraj Poddar, Sandeep Reddy & Sanjay.


How a bunch of new funds is hoping to cash in on risky early stage investments

“we want to use our experience with financial services to build a fund with superior portfolio management capabilities, to help startups with strategy and future fund raising requirements,” says Sehgal. Besides Mobius, he has enlisted several HNIs, classmates from XLRI...