Future Outlook

July 2018

We are very optimistic about the future given that the fundamental building blocks for aiding growth of the early stage ecosystem are in place. Proliferation of co-shared workspaces, incubators, accelerators, investors and entrepreneurs, all being supported by industry and government, is a harbinger of maturity and growth in this ecosystem. For India to become a force to reckon with on the global platform, we need to build overall infrastructure in the country (brick and mortar) as well as catch up with the US, China, Israel and a few handful of other nations in using technology to build businesses that are globally competitive. These technology enabled businesses are the ones that make our lives smoother by taking out friction (think banking, payments, bookings, etc. that can all be done on your hand held device) or by meeting our demands by providing sources of supply in the most convenient manner (gym memberships, e-commerce, business supplies, etc.). It is our firm belief that India has the talent pool, the hunger and the access to technology to make this leap and Equanimity has firmly placed itself in this path to benefit from this once in a lifetime structural change.