Future Outlook (November 2018)

November 2018

We continue to remain optimistic about the investment and return potential of the early stage ecosystem. The number of opportunities that can be capitalised on, in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner, given the various needs of consumers and businesses that are yet to be catered to, ensure that India has the potential of being home to a number of unicorns in the coming years. India's human resources capabilities, technology savvy talent, swift technology adoption by consumers, cheap availability of phones and data and many such factors are all coming together synchronously to ensure the country’s progress and wealth and value creation for all stakeholders.

At Equanimity, we continue to build a world class portfolio from the multitude of opportunities that we uncover. We work closely with our portfolio companies to ensure they are on the right track and are positioning themselves to be the leaders in their respective segments in years to come. The future indeed looks promising.