Equanimity is essentially keeping ones cool and calm in the midst of chaos. In the world of investments, this is a much-needed quality to succeed. Investors experience raging bull markets and desolate bear markets and the ones able to even out their profits and performance across cycles are those that approach the world of investments with Equanimity. In the early stage world, this is even more of a prized quality, what with every entrepreneur you meet being convinced that their idea is the best thing since sliced bread. There is too much uncertainty due to the very nature of new-born businesses. The lure to invest with a seemingly great team and an idea that apparently sounds fantastic is extraordinary. An equanimous approach can be the difference between whether a VC fund is successful or not.

Equanimity: Symbol

The Equanimity Ventures symbol is a butterfly. This is no ordinary butterfly. It is the one that symbolizes the Chaos Theory in Physics. A flap of its wings in Brazil has the power to create a storm in China. This effect may take a very long time but the connection can indeed be made. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right time, place and conditions, the storm in China could have been avoided. The scientific way of expressing this is by saying that a small change in the initial conditions can cause drastic changes in its results. A simple manifestation of this phenomena is our lives themselves: what we teach our kids and the impact it has in the long run is a real connection but takes a long time to manifest.

Chaos Theory works well in the startup world too. A small change in the initial conditions of a new-born business can have a huge effect on how the business shapes up in future or even whether it survives or not. These small changes in input can be anything: the right investor, strategy, team, business model, pricing, product features, service quality, competitive landscape, funding, etc. Each decision in the life of a startup is that important. Mis-steps are very expensive and determine success and survival itself.

At Equanimity, we are cognizant of the effect we can have on businesses and bring our very best to the table when it comes to “value-add”. With our tremendous experience throughout the lifecycle of a business, early stage to mature listed companies, across geographies, Asia to Africa to Europe to Americas, we bring a lot to the table and assist our portfolio companies to become the best in their chosen sector and markets.


Are you an early stage firm ?

Do you have a dream? Do you have ideas, a concept or an invention? Are you looking for a friend, philosopher, guide to help translate them into reality?

Looks like you have reached the right place and hopefully at the right time. The Equanimity team specialises in providing sage advise as well as capital to deserving teams that are out to make this world a better place to live in. We love taking lots of risks (of the kind we understand) and back bold ideas (that we think are game changers at a global level). Yes, we bring money to the table but then we bring to bear loads of experience, sector and operational expertise, a rolodex of relevant top-notch contacts and much more to ensure our incredibly strong track record of successful investments remains sacrosanct. If you see yourself fitting in and want to be part of the Equanimity family then do write in or call. We would love to share a cup of ‘chai’ and our world view and love to learn about yours.

Are you an Investor ?

Do you believe you need ‘real’ diversification in your portfolio? Do you believe you can do much better with your overall portfolio performance and generate outsized returns? Do you see yourself as a torchbearer of innovation and modernisation? Are you a supporter of revolutionary, life-changing businesses?

The Equanimity Ventures Fund allows you to participate in the ongoing global technological revolution that has ushered in radical change in the way we socialise, remain productive, and in a broad sense, live life. These are sufficiently strong reasons for you to consider allocating a small portion of your overall assets into the burgeoning and lucrative startup and early stage ecosystem. If you identify with this way of thinking and would like to understand more of who we are, what we do, how we do it and most importantly, why we do it, contact us and we can have a heart-to-heart discussion. And yes, the tea and coffee in our office is by itself an attraction.










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